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We are excited to announce our new initiative, the Kadena Community Grants Program. While builders and organizations can still apply to the $100 Million Kadena Eco fund, individuals and community builders can look towards this initiative for community-driven microgrants.
We encourage anyone to apply for grants from Kadena Ecosystem. While we do have a list of initiatives that we are particularly interested in funding, we welcome any proposal that aligns with the broader mission of the Kadena Ecosystem as a whole.
Our goal is to build and stir development in the ecosystem. We believe in the technology that powers Kadena with its unlimited scalability, superior smart contract language, Pact, and Proof-of-Work security.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I apply for a grant?

Please fill out the Kadena Community Grants Application Form. Please be as specific and descriptive as possible in your application, so that our team can better understand your proposal. Particularly, explain how your project will benefit the Kadena network and promote the goals of the Kadena ecosystem. A member of our team will contact you via email regarding the status of your application.

Who can apply for a grant?

Our Kadena Community Grant is open to a variety of applicants, including existing teams with live product(s) or project ideas, content creators, community ambassadors, and more. If you are passionate about blockchain technology and want to contribute to the Kadena ecosystem, we encourage you to apply.

What kind of projects are you looking to fund?
This Community Grant is looking to fund projects in various areas such as:

Commercial & Digital Goods

Data & Legal

Developer Tools







Influencers & Content Creators

Kadena Community Ambassadors

And any other projects that aim to support and enhance the overall growth and development of the Kadena ecosystem.
How it Works
1. Our team will review all grant applications and may request additional information or schedule a call with the applicant team if necessary. We will notify applicants via email about the status of their proposal, typically within one week.
2. Applicants will have to complete KYC/B after their proposal has been accepted.

Note that applicants must be willing to adopt Kadena's “build in the open” philosophy by contributing content, tutorials and product explainers in relevant channels and communities such as Discord, Medium, Stackoverflow and others.

Let's work together and discover opportunities to accelerate Kadena!

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